JEEL Special Issues

Special Issue 1: Student Voice and School Leadership               March 2018                                                                                                   



Brasof, M. & Mansfield, K.C. (2018). Student voice and school leadership: Introduction.

Part 1: Theoretical Foundations of Student Voice

Mansfield, K.C., Welton, A., & Halx, M. (2018). Listening to student voice: Toward a more holistic approach to school leadership.

Carl, N.M., Kuriloff, P., Ravitch, S.M., & Reichert, M. (2018). Democratizing schools for improvement through youth participatory action research.

Brasof, M. (2018). Using linkage theory to address the student voice organizational improvement paradox.

Part 2: Student Voice In Secondary School Contexts

Volin, K.C. (2018). The challenges and possibilities of including students in middle school leadership: Building and sustaining change.

Bron, J., Bovill, C., & Veugelers, W. (2018). Distributed curriculum leadership: How negotiation between student and teacher improves the curriculum.

Hammonds, H.L. (2018). The role of student voice in a qualitative study on early college high school principals.

Salisbury, J., Spikes, D. & Graeber, A. (2018). Bringing the voices of youth to the table: A social justice youth development approach.

McNae, R. (2018). Sharing their wor[l]ds: Appreciating students’ voices in strength-based youth leadership development.

Part 3: Student Voice In Political And Policy Contexts

Mattheis, A., Ardila, Y., & Levaton, S. (2018). “We think differently”: Student representation and voice at the Los Angeles unified school district board of education.

Feldman, S. & Grant, M. (2018). Student leadership for resistance: Participatory democracy for responding to hate at the school door.

Weiss, J.K. (2018). Involving the stakeholders that matter most: Student voice in school reform.

Schaeffer, E.J. (2018). What is the state of student voice in Kentucky? A group of high school students finds out.

Zuckerman, S.J., & McAtee, J.R. (2018). Youth voice in a rural cradle-to-career network.

Part 4: Identity Intersectionalities And Student Voice

Colket, L., Snowden, E., Overton, L., & Vandergrift, A. (2018). Facing racism in public and private schools: Practitioner inquiry as a tool for leaders working to create a more positive racial climate in their schools.

Dean, K., Danilchick, A., & Dean, J. (2018). Swimming upstream: Student research toward reframing conceptualization of learning disability in an independent school.

Sherif, V. (2018). Practices of youth leadership development in rural high school context: Findings from a qualitative secondary analysis.

Fujimoto, M.O. & Fujimoto, E. O. (2018). Leadership development in higher education student affairs: The relevance of historical consciousness and identity in eliciting student voice.

Kaufman, C. (2018). Empowered students transforming colleges: Civic engagement as an equity strategy.

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