Manuscript Submission Policies

EDITORIAL STRUCTURE: JEEL is currently directed by an executive editor. In addition, the editorial structure of JEEL consists of a team of consortium members from various educational institutions.  Consortium members are charged with reviewing manuscripts, making recommendations for publication, and furthering the call for papers.

EDITORIAL POLICY: The Journal of Ethical Educational Leadership seeks empirical research, theoretical designs, and position papers  that relate to the field of educational leadership. Academic work submitted for review to JEEL may be related to various educational themes, including, but not limited to: educational leadership, philosophy, reform, programming, practices, and governance. JEEL accepts and considers manuscripts authored by emerging and established scholars of education, school practitioners, and scholars from external disciplines. Because JEEL is an international journal, practitioners and scholars from all areas of the world are encouraged to submit manuscripts.

JOURNAL FORMAT: JEEL publishes/archives all accepted work electronically at

MANUSCRIPT REVIEW STATEMENT AND PUBLISHER DISCLAIMER: All articles published in JEEL have undergone an extensive review process conducted by members of the journal’s consortium.  Any views expressed in JEEL are the views of the contributing authors and are not the views of JEEL’s editorial staff.  While the executive editor and consortium membership makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information contained in JEEL, the publication makes no guarantee of accuracy of material published in article format.

MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Manuscripts should be submitted to the executive editor in the following format: 1) as an electronic document, 2) as a double-spaced, microsoft word document, and 3) as an e-mail attachment. Manuscripts should conform to the American Psychological Association style as described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Ed.).  Generally, manuscripts should be approximately 5,000 to 8,000 words (excluding references), but longer manuscripts may be considered at the discretion of the executive editor.  An abstract of approximately 100 words should accompany the manuscript.  JEEL’s initial manuscript review process generally takes eight to ten weeks.

CRITERIA FOR ACCEPTANCE: The primary criteria for publication are soundness of: 1) method, 2) stated position, 3) writing, and 4) association with educational leadership. Authors should endeavor to write in a clear, precise, and succinct manner. Manuscripts are invited and encouraged from authors throughout the world; however, all manuscripts must be submitted in English. All individuals who are listed as authors must have approved of the manuscript being submitted to JEEL. Citations must be provided for all information either referred to or quoted in the text. Authors should receive written permission from the original author and/or publisher for the representation of any copyrighted material. Manuscripts must not be under review or have already been published elsewhere. A conference presentation and/or conference proceedings involving a paper does not constitute prior publication so long as the manuscript submitted differs significantly from the presentation or proceedings paper.

MANUSCRIPT REVIEW PROCEDURE: All manuscripts submitted to JEEL will initially be secured and screened by the executive editor. Upon receiving a manuscript, the executive editor will review the work in a  timely manner. Selected manuscripts will then be distributed to specific consortium members. Consortium members will further consider and review the work in a double blind format. The consortium members charged with the review of material will consider both the content and the quality of presentation of the manuscript when making recommendations.  Consortium members will recommend any of the following actions to the executive editor: 1) acceptance of the manuscript: subjected to line editing, to be approved by the author(s); 2) conditional acceptance: requiring certain revisions by the author(s); 3) requested resubmission (with major revisions), or 4) rejection. The executive editor will inform the author(s) of the final decision that pertains to the manuscript. Being an open-access journal, JEEL will allow the author(s) to retain the copyright on all published manuscripts, including electronic and machine-readable formats (However, being an open access journal,  all content published in JEEL will remain freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in JEEL without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access).  Final versions of accepted manuscripts must be submitted in   electronic form with the following information: 1) full names of author(s), 2) affiliation(s), 3) position(s); 4) e-mail addresses; 5) brief biographies; and 6) degrees. Final copies must be submitted in single-spaced, blocked format, with all hypertext removed, and with one inch margins. Authors must confirm the manuscript has not been published elsewhere.

MANUSCRIPT REVISION/REJECTION PROCESS: Authors will be notified and provided feedback regarding their work, including the final action to be taken by the executive editor.  If revisions are required, the author(s) should revise and return their manuscript along with a description of how they addressed the editors’ concerns and suggestions. While authors may dispute the editors’ comments and suggestions, final consideration will be based on the editorial staff’s evaluation and recommendations. The executive editor will provide the authors of rejected manuscripts with the reason(s) for rejection. All rejections are final. However, new manuscripts based on the same subject matter will be treated as new, rather than revised manuscripts, and will undergo a completely new review.

SUBMISSION OF MANUSCRIPTS: Authors wishing to submit manuscripts for publication should e-mail their work to JEEL’s executive editor at:

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